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Talking about the containers that need to be cleaned and used in time during the curing process

Jun 02, 2020

Time during the curing process

Epoxy resins have many applications, such as epoxy floors, epoxy coatings, epoxy curing adhesives, etc., the method of use is basically the same, epoxy resins need to be cleaned in time during the curing process. Container!

How to use epoxy resin:

1. The parts to be bonded and fixed require boring and cleaning. Remove loose materials on the surface of the base, sand with sandblasting, electric grinding wheel, wire brush or coarse sandpaper to improve the appearance of roughness, scrub with detergent, and then enhance adhesion.

2. According to the ratio, the A and B agents should be thoroughly mixed after mixing to avoid incomplete curing. After the AB glue is evenly mixed, please inject the glue in time and try to use the glue within the applicable time.

3. During the curing process, please clean the used containers and utensils in time to prevent the glue from condensing on the utensils.

4. The more the amount of epoxy resin (AB) adhesive glue is mixed together, the faster the reaction, the faster the curing speed, and may release a lot of heat, please pay attention to control the amount of glue once, because the acceleration can be shortened, so The mixing time can be shortened, and the mixed glue can be used up in a short time.

No one has been in contact with the glue for a long time. There may be slight skin irritation and mild itching. It is recommended to wear protective gloves when using. Stick on the skin, wipe with alcohol, and then clean with Panyu.