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Teach you how to do resin crafts

Jan 22, 2018

First material selection, that is, the choice of raw materials. Resin handicrafts used raw materials are generally: silica gel, aluminum hydroxide, unsaturated polyester resin, curing agent, accelerator, color paste, color and light paint and so on. One of the main components of unsaturated polyester resin products in the unsaturated resin, the most used in the market, such as green leaf 168 resin, Yabang 897 resin, and Section Po 8-S and so on. Second, the selection of aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum in Nakasu aluminum, choice of 320 mesh powder, is the most handicraft resin. Selection of accessories, try to use a high content of the better point to make the best product.

Second: the ratio of what kind of material to make the best results.

1. The ratio of resin and aluminum powder should be based on the resin to be different. Different resin filler to add a different amount .168 resin, aluminum powder ratio can be added to 1: 1.2% .897 Resin according to different imitation jade effect to 1 : 1.4% .8-S can only be added to 1: 1%.

2. Curing agent ratio .8-S resin to add ratio; accelerator 0.8% -1.5%. Curing agent 1% -2% .168 resin and 897 resin. As are pre-promoting resin, so the accelerator plus To 0.4% -0.6%, 0.6% -0.8% curing agent on it. The actual amount but also according to the level of temperature and humidity to adjust how much.