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The appliacation of FRP

Feb 25, 2019

In China, as the production and variety of unsaturated polyester resins continue to increase and increase, the application range and field of polyester glass reinforced plastics are gradually expanding. The most used applications are the shipbuilding industry, chemical corrosion-resistant equipment and pipelines, followed by construction and construction equipment. The specific application is as follows:

    (1) The role of chemical anti-corrosion equipment and pipelines: various acid, alkali and salt storage, storage tanks and pipelines. Such as pickling tank, copper sulfate electrolyzer, sodium hydroxide round tank, large storage tank, mixing tank, reaction tank, conveying pipeline, fan, protective cover, bucket, washing tower, corrosive gas treatment equipment, exhaust flue , various pipes, pumps, valves and fittings.

    (2) Application in the shipbuilding industry: Shipbuilding with FRP, simple forming, light weight, resistance to insects, seawater erosion, no accumulation of sea creatures, low maintenance costs. Fishing boats can be used for fishing not only in the open sea, but also in the open sea. At the same time, FRP can not only be used as a hull, but also as a ship's accessories, equipment, etc., such as the ship's deck, decorative panels, rafters, buoys, oil tanks, reservoirs, etc.

    (3) Application in construction and construction equipment: Unsaturated polyester is mainly used to make glass fiber reinforced tiles, flat plates, wall materials, decorative panels, table tops, artificial marble, baths, sinks, containers, pipes, furniture, etc.

    (4) In terms of vehicles and vehicles: passenger car roof, ceiling, window frame, fan, washroom, sleeper pillar, water tank, battery casing, garbage bin, insulation board, cargo box, auto parts, starting zero device, refrigerator, etc.

    (5) Applications in mining: helmets, pipes, waste tanks, scrapers, scrapers, exhaust pipes, filter plates, pillars for coal mines, etc.