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The background and practical value of FRP anchor

May 16, 2020

Epoxy resin  application


There are about 40,000 kinds of FRP products developed by countries around the world. The development direction of each country has its own emphasis, but basically all industrial sectors have been involved. After more than 40 years of development, China's FRP industry has also been successfully applied in various fields of the national economy and has played an important role in economic construction. Fiberglass anchor is an emerging composite material with wide performance adaptability and broad market development prospects.


①FRP anchor rod is a composite material, explosion-proof and anti-static, no spark will be generated during cutting, which ensures the safety of roadway construction, especially in areas with high gas concentration

② Solved the problem of easy corrosion of metal anchors;

③High bearing capacity, strong tensile strength, rod body strength is better than equal diameter rebar, thermal expansion coefficient is close to cement, can be used as long-term support;

④Light and easy to operate: The weight is only 1/4 of the steel bolts of the same specification, which can be conveniently used in small spaces such as tunnels and coal mines, making the construction easier and reducing the labor intensity of workers;

⑤ The price of fiberglass anchor is better than traditional steel anchor;

⑥Reducing the dependence on steel is in line with the purpose of building a conservation-minded society advocated by the state.

Raw material composition

Epoxy materials

The glass fiber reinforced plastic anchor is made of resin as the basic material and glass fiber as the reinforcing material. After traction, the pre-formed mold is cured at high temperature to become a full-thread glass fiber reinforced plastic rod body.

Structural features

It is composed of glass fiber reinforced plastic nut, glass fiber reinforced plastic tray, and glass fiber reinforced plastic anchor. One end of the glass fiber reinforced plastic anchor is covered with a glass steel reinforced plastic nut and a glass steel reinforced plastic tray. FRP nuts.

FRP anchor application

FRP anchors are mainly used for: tunnel support, surrounding rock face anchoring, slope anchoring, coal mine roadway, semi-coal rock roadway support and various underground engineering support, deep foundation pit anchoring.

It is a kind of glass fiber reinforced plastic anchor used in mine wells, roads, water conservancy, railway tunnels and slope support.