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The function and scope of the FRP grating cover

Mar 12, 2019

FRP grating cover surface effect and its function:

In-mold sanding type: Excellent anti-slip performance.

Surface smoothing type: General anti-slip performance.

Cover sanding type : Excellent anti-slip performance, can prevent liquid dripping and volatilization of gas smoke

Pattern cover type: excellent anti-slip performance, beautiful appearance, effective prevention of liquid dripping and volatilization of gas smoke

Microporous type: Prevent small tools, small items and keys from falling.

Out-of-mold sanding type: excellent anti-slip performance

Groove type: generally non-slip

Flat type: prevent liquid dripping and gas smoke

The color of the FRP grating cover is made by blending the color paste into all the resins. The color is various, the color is uniform, the color is bright, it is not easy to fade, no paint is needed, it is not limited to the surface like paint, and the smooth surface and resin are filled with resin. The inner surface of the type makes the grille self-cleaning. Even if it is dirty, it is easy to rinse with water or detergent, which makes the surface of the grille as clean as new.

FRP grating covers are widely used:

Water treatment: overhaul aisle, gutter cover, large container, washer, trash rack, flow tank, biochemical water treatment tank hanger, ventilation window, stairs, cooling tower console

Chemical plant: stair raft, operating platform, guardrail, double floor, trench cover, grating

Petroleum industry: offshore oil platform

Walkways: factories (such as chemical plants, steel plants, etc.) often have many walkways, some are the passage between equipment and equipment, and some are used for inspection. These walkways are generally welded with round steel, which is often damaged every year due to corrosion. Make an anti-corrosion coating. These walkways are made with FRP grille, which requires no maintenance. It can keep the walkway bright for a long time, and make the aisle structure light. With the anti-slip sanding surface, it is a good choice for the outdoor walkway in the northern ice season.

FRP grating trench cover: Many chemical plants, electrolysis workshops of smelters, chemical treatment workshops of power plants; electrolysis plants of electroplating plants, battery plants, machinery plants; pharmaceutical plants, printing and dyeing plants, salt mines, etc. Most of the trenches are corrosive liquids. The traditional trenches are made of angle steel, flat iron welded grilles, cast iron grilles, cement covers, etc. These materials are not resistant to corrosion, and many years are destroyed in a few months. The workshop has a fragmented appearance. The FRP grille can solve the corrosion problem well, and it is convenient for the sewage to drain into the ditch. It is also convenient to observe the situation inside the trench.

Offshore oil platform: Traditional offshore oil platforms often use steel plates as paving materials. The harsh weather of the ocean and the erosion of sea water cause serious corrosion of these materials, which increases the unsafe factors. The FRP grid has been successfully used in foreign countries. In the environment, due to the weight reduction of three-quarters, the components such as the foundation support are easier to handle, and the reasonable design can also reduce the total cost of the platform.

Textile mill: instead of metal grille, wooden platform and covered with cement floor, bleaching and dyeing tank, floor, near the valve, etc.

Power plant: chemical water workshop trench cover, wastewater pool, etc.

Metal surface treatment: pickling place, replacement of wooden floor around machine, high corrosive container, plating line walkway, double floor

Marine food processing plant: harsh environment such as slippery surface, on board

Transportation: platforms, ship decks, walkways, military minesweepers, stair seesaws

Beverage industry: stair rafts, alternative expensive stainless steel, loaded floor

Pulp and processing plants: Stairs and slabs, floor walkways, places with high humidity

Electronics industry: trench cover, pickling workshop, anti-static (anti-static grille) and high cleanliness workshop

Meat processing factory: easy to corrode the ground, stairs, slippery floor workbench and stair seesaw

Fence: medium and high pressure equipment in the factory. Fences are generally required around the large storage tanks as required. FRP grating cover is an ideal material for these places due to its insulation, corrosion resistance, bright color and easy installation. In addition, it can also be used to corrode windows, fences, etc. in chemical plants where the environment is severe.

Stepping on the stairs: The production facilities of chemical plants and petrochemical plants often have several layers or even dozens of layers. To use a large number of stairs, traditional steel plate welding or round steel welding stairs will be quickly destroyed in these corrosive environments. The stair treads not only solve the anti-corrosion problem, but also are non-slip and wear resistant.

Others: corrosion-resistant shelves, decorations, square fountains, scaffolding, civil building facilities, operating platforms, roofing platforms, aquaculture fences and double floors.