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The production line of Shengli Xinda Pipe Industry's high-strength composite material backing plate project was commissioned

May 11, 2020

Recently, in the production workshop of the super large hollow structure high-strength composite material product project with an annual output of 200,000 square meters in Xinda Pipe Industry of Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone, the production line of high-strength composite material pads is being fully commissioned for equipment commissioning, preparing for final acceptance jobs.


Into the No. 1 production workshop in the seventh industrial park of Xinda Pipe Industry, the robot arm is working flexibly. Unlike many traditional workshops, only three or five workers can be seen in the large workshop. "A production line can only be operated by two people at most, and the rest is realized by intelligent robots." Speaking of this production line, Liu Kun, the head of the seventh industrial park of Xinda Pipe Industry, could not restrain his inner excitement, "This is our The self-developed process and specially customized equipment are currently the only one in the world! "Liu Kun introduced, this is the company's new production line for the annual output of 200,000 square meters of ultra-large hollow structure high-strength composite products, mainly used for High-strength composite material pad production.


"This kind of ultra-high-strength backing plate was first made by only one company in the United States, but they only rent and not sell, and the cost is relatively high." Liu Kun introduced that in order to meet customer needs, Xinda Pipe Industry invested 220 million yuan, using existing Newly-built workshops on the land, through customized and cooperative research and development models, introduce the domestic special-purpose molding equipment with the largest molding tonnage and the largest width to form a large-scale hollow structure high-strength composite product with an annual output of 200,000 square meters. The successful development of project products broke the international monopoly.


"So far, the project has completed an investment of 100 million yuan, one of the production lines has begun trial production, and the customization plan for the other set of equipment has been completed. It is expected to be put into operation in the second half of this year." Liu Kun introduced that the core product of the project is a super large hollow structure High-strength composite material pontoon board (commonly known as super-heavy backing board) has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, good corrosion resistance, large monomer area, fast and convenient installation, etc. It is mainly used in disaster relief, construction engineering, oil field engineering Construction and other fields, especially suitable for special environment, key engineering areas, temporary road paving and operating platform construction, can be repeatedly disassembled and re-used.

"At present, the super-heavy pads we have trial-produced have a bearing capacity of more than 120 tons, and can be used by tanks, armored vehicles, or even as temporary aprons." Liu Kun said that the company has not started formal production and has received a large number of orders, so the company In order to speed up the project construction, an intermediary has been organized to prepare the HSE acceptance materials. Recently, the acceptance has been completed and the formal production of the products has begun.


In the No. 4 workshop of the park, the high-end composite material product project with an annual output of 50,000 tons is also steadily advancing. The project includes a composite material sandwich panel project and a flexible composite material pipeline project. The composite continuous flexible pipeline project pioneered the multi-layer synchronous winding and fusion composite technology, which uses order-based production and has been officially put into production. "The composite material sandwich panel project is commissioning equipment, and it is expected that products will be formed in July this year."

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