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The reason and solution of the yellowing of resin characters

Jun 04, 2020

Resin luminous characters are widely used, and various industries may involve the use of resin characters. However, the resin word also has certain limitations. If it is improperly applied, it will simply yellow and cause a negative impact on the company.

What is the reason why the resin of resin word turns yellow?

The use of resin characters for outdoor installations in less than half a year will present various problems, such as yellowing and gelation. The main reasons are:

1. The structure of aromatic epoxy resin bisphenol A is easy to oxidize to produce carbonyl groups to form yellowing groups;

2. The free amine component in the amine curing agent directly polymerizes with the epoxy resin, resulting in localized temperature rise and accelerated yellowing;

3. Tertiary amine accelerators and nonylphenol accelerators are easy to change color under hot oxygen and UV irradiation;

4. When the temperature is too high during the reaction, the residual impurities and metal catalyst in the system will turn yellow


1. Use resin characters indoors as much as possible. Outdoors can be replaced with borderless characters or inner characters.

2. Do not use PU resin for outdoor

3. Adding antioxidants or ultraviolet absorbers can effectively delay the aging speed of the resin characters.

4. Choose manufacturers with sophisticated skills.