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The transformation of the chemical industry lies in the micro-chemical industry

Jun 03, 2020

 The chemical transformation of material molecules is an important part of human material civilization. Chemical transformation plays an important role in ensuring human survival and continuously improving the quality of human life. Chemical industry has become an indispensable industrial method in modern society. Through chemical industry, energy, military industry, polymer materials, medicine, building materials and various fine chemicals can be produced, and then enter daily life.

  The chemical industry is a pillar industry of China's economy. Our country's total chemical value has accounted for 17% of GDP, which means that our country has become the world's largest chemical producer. But compared with developed countries, it is still not a powerful country. The traditional chemical industry is now facing the pressure of transformation and upgrading.


  Scale has always been the bottleneck of micro-chemical industry. We have achieved two technological innovations. One is to achieve the application of micro-flow field technology in micro-chemical industry, breaking through the limitation of large-scale; the second is to develop 3D printing technology, which greatly reduces the difficulty of manufacturing And manufacturing costs.


  Through two technological innovations and technological innovations in manufacturing, we have reduced the device by more than a thousand times, greatly improved the safety of production, increased the reaction speed by a thousand times, and reduced the emissions of three wastes by more than 50%. We have cooperated with many enterprises in the province to complete the green manufacturing of a series of major products. The output value of product conversion has exceeded 3 billion yuan per year. Among them, many enterprises with more than 30,000 tons of applications have all landed in Jiangsu.


  Intelligent manufacturing is the main body of "Made in China 2025", but we should also pay attention to the research on advanced processes and material technologies in different industries. For Jiangsu, the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry requires the development of green core technologies. After intelligent development, it will establish our province’s international status in the field of micro-chemicals. At the same time, we must pay attention to the application of biomaterials in the processing of traditional chemical polymers, promote the transformation and upgrading of these industries, and greatly reduce white pollution. Finally, we must vigorously promote the biological processing and refining of agricultural waste straw, catering waste, urban landscaping, and deciduous waste branches, not only to provide resources for biological materials, but also to play an important role in solving the three major pollutions of gas, solid and water. Circular Economy.