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There are many types of domestic powder coatings and the market is growing

Jun 03, 2020

Not only the output of powder has increased significantly, but the variety has not increased. Originally it only stayed on a single variety of epoxy resin powder coatings. Now epoxy polyester hybrid powder coatings have occupied a dominant position, polyester TG1G powder coatings 1. Polyurethane powder coatings have been popularized in China. A large number of polyurethane powder coatings have been put into production, and acrylic polyurethane powder coatings have emerged.

Powder coating production equipment has also been greatly improved. The current milling equipment has reached the level of similar foreign products, and the price is low, only one-twentieth the price of similar foreign equipment. In addition, the matching of raw materials for powder coatings has been basically formed in China. Various types of additives including resins, leveling agents, matting agents, brighteners, and flocculants have reached foreign standards.

According to the shape of the coating, it can be divided into water-based coating, solvent-based coating, powder coating, high solids coating, etc.; according to the construction method, it can be divided into brush coating, spray coating, roller coating, dip coating, electrophoretic coating, etc., There are distinctions according to usage or more. The morphology of powder particles mainly refers to the geometric shape and surface characteristics of the powder particles. The geometric shape can be evaluated by measuring the ratio of the short axis of the elliptical spherical particles to the axis of the long axis. The degree of spheroidization is extremely high, and the solid flowability of the powder is better.

Since the degree of powder spheroidization is not only related to the atomization method and process parameters, but also to the chemical composition of the powder itself, therefore, different types of powders have different degrees of spheroidization, but all Smooth and even powder delivery.