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There's an amazing composite material called fiberglass.

Nov 22, 2018

It is well known that glass is hard and brittle, with good transparency and high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.At the same time, we know that steel is hard and not easily broken, and also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance.So that people begin to think, If it can produce a high-temperature, anti-erosion property with glass, it is as hard as steel. This kind of material will definitely be useful.




After repeated research and experiments, a "magic" composite material was finally produced.It is the fiberglass that can stand toe-to-toe with steel.

Let's start with an experiment if it works well.


In a wooded valley surrounded by mountains, an experiment is under way.People behind a bunker 200 metres away were staring at an oxygen tank in the centre of the valley.The air compressors rolled rhythmically, filling the oxygen bottles through the alloy steel pipes.The hand on the pressure gauge moves everyone's heart.The reading rose slowly from 100 -- 200 -- 400 -- 500 to 700 kilograms and a square centimeter, and there was nothing but a loud bang, and the oxygen cylinder exploded!People  cheered up: "it worked!"


Oxygen cylinder is a high pressure vessel.The working pressure is 150 kg/cm2.To be safe to use, it is required to withstand three times the working pressure, or 450 kg/cm2.Do not burst, just be considered acceptance.The oxygen cylinder in the test is far beyond the design requirements.What steel is this made of?It's fiberglass, or, more appropriately, fiberglass and resin.


Glass is a hard and brittle material that breaks when it is thrown. Does this glass reinforced with the name "glass" stand up to being smashed?A new experiment was carried out.

Inflate another fiberglass oxygen tank to 150kg/cm2 and roll off the top of the hill into the valley.It collided with the rocky rocks and rolled down to the bottom without bursting.The GFRP oxygen cylinder passed the quality identification test successfully.




The tensile strength of ordinary glass is only one eighth of that of ordinary steel. Melt glass, drawn out into the glass fiber that has a tenth of the diameter of the hair only, original hard and fragile glass became soft and tensile glass fiber, its tensile strength can increase 10 times.


As we all know, concrete block is resistant to pressure and steel is resistant to pulling.Use steel for bones, cement for muscles, let them condense into one, complement each other, become strong and indomitable -- this is reinforced concrete.


Similarly, if we use fiberglass as bones, and muscles made of synthetic resins (phenolic, epoxy, and polyester), and let them stick together, the material is as tensile as steel -- hence the name fiberglass.



Fiberglass is a kind of composite material developed rapidly in the past 50 years.About 70 percent of the production of fiberglass is used to make fiberglass.Fiberglass is tough and much lighter than steel.It is used as a fuel tank and pipe in a jet aircraft to lighten the plane.The lunar astronauts, who were carrying miniature oxygen tanks, were also made of fiberglass.




Fiberglass processing is easy, not rust does not rot, do not need to paint.China has been widely used in the production of various small motor boats, lifeboats and yachts.It saves a lot of steel.Chemical plants also use phenolic resin of glass reinforced plastics instead of stainless steel to do a variety of corrosion resistant equipment, greatly extended equipment life.




Fiberglass is non-magnetic and does not block the passage of electromagnetic waves.It is used as a radar cover for missiles, as putting on a pair of protective glasses, which not only does not block the radar's "sight", but also plays a protective role.Today, the radomes of many missiles and ground radar stations are made of fiberglass.



Fiberglass also contributes to the development of sports.Since the sport of vaulting, the highest record for a player using a wooden pole is 3.05 meters.Bamboo poles were later used.By 1942, the record had been advanced to 4.77 metres.The strength of bamboo pole is light and bouncy, while the weakness is thick at the lower end and thin at the upper end. It is very difficult to make progress. Therefore, people replace bamboo pole with aluminum alloy pole.Thus, in the 15 years from 1942 to 1957, the record for the highest pole jump was only one centimetre higher.But since the emergence of the new fiberglass pole, the record has soared because it is light and flexible, and the current record for the pole vault has passed the 6-meter mark.




In today's world, fiberglass is also used in many ways to make a living. It is affectionately known as "fiberglass" because some of its special varieties retain many of the virtues of glass, such as transparency.It is also used to make a variety of sturdy daily necessities.Such as bath, kitchen utensils, grooming utensils and so on.





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