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Thermoplastic honeycomb core technology reduces the weight of automobile floor by 20%

May 26, 2020

Thermoplastic honeycomb core technology expert EconCore and Brazilian automotive first-tier supplier DPA Moldados have developed a new thermoplastic composite material technology that reduces the weight of modern Creta series automotive floor plates by 20%. The thermoplastic composite material is composed of polypropylene (PP) honeycomb sandwich panel and glass fiber mat reinforced thermoplastic composite material (GMT) skin.

Thermoplastic honeycomb core technology

This technology is unique in design, developed and patented by EconCore. Thermoplastic honeycomb is produced in a continuous manner, and the lamination of sandwich panel skins is combined with a highly automated process throughout the process.


José Carlos Ricciardi, Managing Director of DPA Moldados, said: "Original equipment manufacturers have been calling for weight loss, but as long as the cost of new solutions is higher than traditional, they are not willing to accept. Of course, except when talking about racing. Seeking a way to solve this problem by using thermoplastic composite materials. In the process, we united EconCore and its subsidiary ThermHex Waben. "


EconCore's solution is very effective, because the sandwich panel is the best structural material, it can achieve light weight while ensuring the strength of the material. Admittedly, the bottom plates of many automobiles are made of paper honeycomb and glass fiber reinforced polyurethane-based composite materials.

The combination of low-density honeycomb and skin layer can become a sandwich panel with excellent performance. EconCore's technology allows the honeycomb core to be directly laminated at the same time as the skin is manufactured. All work is concentrated in an integrated production process, which can achieve maximum cost efficiency.


EconCore also believes that its customers are very concerned about the sustainability of the production process.


Tomasz Czarnecki, chief operating officer of EconCore, said: "As for recycling, our process uses thermoplastic honeycomb cores and thermoplastic skins, which can be partially or entirely converted into recyclable materials. When our products are scrapped, they can Thermoplastic carpets for decoration are recycled together. When the carpet is molded and combined with the sandwich structure material, they will not be contaminated by other materials (such as polyurethane). Therefore, when the product is scrapped, they can be decomposed and recycled. "


In addition, the thermoplastic honeycomb core and thermoplastic skin developed by EconCore are made from recycled materials. And, when the product is scrapped, these parts can be easily recovered.