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Three cleaning skills of FRP Sculpture.

Sep 30, 2019

Three cleaning techniques for fiberglass sculpture, do you know? Let's talk about it.  

1. Environmental cleanliness. 
    The construction site should be cleaned daily. Waste resin, objects timely treatment; flying dust, production debris stuck to the wet resin, will affect the quality of products. 
2. Tool cleaning. 
    Production tools should be cleaned by special personnel, which is not only conducive to operation, but also avoid cause one. There are resin caking, easy to drop particles, mud dust and so on, which affect the quality of FRP during production. 
3. Mold cleaning. 
    The surface of the mold must be cleaned before use, and rinsed repeatedly with detergent and water (avoid cleaning agents such as acetone, which can dissolve the resin). In order to achieve the mirror effect of FRP, all dust, particles and oil stains on the mold surface should be removed.