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Three factors affecting the production process of FRP

Mar 26, 2019

Three factors affecting the production process of FRP
Three factors affecting the production process of FRP
Factors affecting the production process of Chengdu FRP: The choice of materials is the key
According to the process requirements of the production products, to meet the needs of the process, choose the right materials to make molds, such as RTM, acrylic plastic, casting, hand lay and other materials have different requirements, especially long-term attention to the upper layer, The quality of the FRP mold, the quality of the product and the cost of the product play an important role in the survival of the enterprise.

Factors Affecting the Manufacturing Process of Chengdu FRP: Equipment and Tools
Everyone thinks that making FRP molds is a simple process of manual operation, and the hair sweep is the main tool for distributing resin. The workers use them properly in the operation. The small bubbles generated by the hair brush are less, and they are not used well. The hair brush is a tool for making small bubbles, so we choose the hair brush before the operation. ).
The roller is the main tool for discharging the bubble. It not only discharges the bubble, but also presses the fiber tightly. It rolls out the resin that satisfies the fiber soaking, so that the difference between the mold resin and the fiber ratio is as small as possible. It is an important measure to improve the quality of FRP molds and FRP products.

Factors affecting the production process of Chengdu FRP: The technical quality of people is very important.
The same materials, the same environment, due to different people's quality, the products produced are different. Therefore, in the process of making FRP molds, we must be very concentrated in thinking every moment, very seriously Each operating process, including the properties of the material, the interaction between the material and the material and the data (response of the resin, classification of the fiber, mechanics of the product structure) has a comprehensive understanding of the concept.

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