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Unsaturated polyester resin paint

Jan 29, 2019

Unsaturated polyester resin paint

Unsaturated polyester resin is a thermosetting plastic.

Unsaturated polyester resin products, with high strength, small specific gravity, corrosion resistance, good insulation and processing at room temperature and pressure molding advantages, in industrial production is widely used.Unsaturated polyester resin is a solvent-free paint, its film hard, bright, impermeable paint, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, high (low) temperature resistance, generally used to paint sewing machine table, television and radio shell, piano shell and various wooden furniture paint.



QuanZhou Neweco High Polymer Material Co.,Ltd.

Neweco is one of the leading unsaturated polyester resin manufacturers and  suppliers,widely used in automobiles, ships, rail transit, wind power  generation, pipe cans, heat and corrosion protection, building  materials, stone repair, sanitary ware, artificial stone and other  industries. Suitable for hand lay-up, spray, pultrusion, winding,  molding, vacuum introduction / RTM, casting and other molding processes. Neweco Resin is committed to excellence and focuses on the application  of composite materials to provide customers with comprehensive  solutions.


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