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Vinyl resin applications

Jan 22, 2018

Vinyl resin is a kind of modified epoxy resin obtained by reaction of bisphenol-type or novolac-type epoxy resin with methacrylic acid. It is commonly known as vinyl resin (VE), also known as epoxy acrylic resin, which is a thermosetting resin. Vinyl resin adhering to the excellent characteristics of epoxy resin, curing and formability even better, can be dissolved in styrene and acrylic monomers, because both the advantages of both epoxy and unsaturated, its applications are constantly expanding.

Vinyl resin applications

1, making corrosion-resistant FRP products, such as glass steel tank, pipe, tower and corrosion-resistant grille.

2, anti-corrosion engineering, such as cement-based or iron-based FRP lining, high corrosion-resistant floor, high-strength FRP products, such as FRP profiles, sporting goods, FRP boats.

3, heavy-duty glass flake paint, scale clay.

4, other such as UV ink, heavy anti-corrosion industrial floor.

5, desulfurization power plant corrosion, high temperature, acid and alkali resistant to strong.

6, chemical workshop bench acid and alkali corrosion and so on.