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Waterborne epoxy resin floor

Sep 11, 2019

Waterborne epoxy resin floor product description: waterborne epoxy resin floor, belongs to the environmental protection type, the coating uses water as the dispersion medium, no pollution and wet surface has a very good adhesion. The product has excellent properties, such as strong adhesion, strong decoration, high hardness, good wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and so on.
Waterborne polyurethane floor has attracted much attention because of its high strength, wear resistance, rolling resistance, environmental protection, seamless dustproof and so on. In addition, the waterborne polyurethane floor can also be distinguished according to its use, performance requirements and color, and a variety of ground forms can be designed to meet the needs of different industries and different occasions.
Basic ground treatment.
1. Plain treatment: thoroughly clean up the dust, oil and other garbage on the surface, and then use the vacuum cleaner to clean up all the rubbish on the surface of the base.
Repair of expansion joint: after cleaning up the dust and garbage of the expansion joint, the gap must be filled up, and all kinds of elastic polyurethane glue can be used for filling and sealing.
2 construction of water-based bottom coating.
The primer and curing agent are stirred with water according to a certain proportion respectively, and the construction of scraping or rolling coating is carried out after mixing evenly. If the loose ground is encountered, it is necessary to close the construction more than twice. The next construction is usually carried out after 8 to 12 hours at room temperature.
3 construction of water-based medium sand coating.
Special fillers are added to the configured water-based coating to prepare water-based mortar, which is uniformly coated with steamed bread knife for leveling, increasing thickness and compressive strength of the coating. The next construction is usually carried out after 12 to 24 hours at room temperature.
Construction of water-based medium coating putty layer.
Water-based medium coating mortar layer after dry grinding, with water-based coating putty, according to the actual needs of several construction, the requirements to achieve flat no holes, no batch knife printing and sand grinding printing.
Construction of waterborne polyurethane topcoat.
Mix the topcoat and curing agent according to the proportion, stir evenly and paint. It is recommended to scrape and apply first, then roll or spray again. (ps: if the paint is sticky during construction, you can add an appropriate amount of water, and the configured paint should be used up within 40 minutes.).
Warm tip: spring and winter construction needs to be matured for 30 minutes before construction, in order to ensure the construction effect, it is recommended to use spraying, spraying once or twice. Spraying time interval: 12 hours in summer and 24 hours in low temperature. In order to obtain good drying effect, the construction site should be kept with good ventilation, and exhaust fans can be used to strengthen ventilation if necessary.