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What are the applications of molding resin?

Nov 03, 2018




SMC/BMC molding process

Both SMC and BMC are fluidity composites, which are heated and solidified under certain pressure.SMC is a sheet molded plastic sheet formed by rolling, suitable for large area and high strength products. BMC uses shorter fibers, which are moulded into clumps of plastic suitable for pressing and injection into fine products.

SMC production process


BMC/SMC series resins are widely used in the following fields:


Electrical industry: switch box, distribution box, distribution box, insulation lever, insulation casing, contact box, insulator, insulation board, instrument, instrument shell, joystick, block, base isolation switch, air switch, panel switches, low voltage circuit breaker, terminal board, electrode holder, welding handle, cable distribution box, terminal box, motor, etc. All kinds of insulation structure.

Automobile industry: automobile shell, safety pole, car lamp bracket, car lamp bowl, dashboard, door, door radiator grille, front plate, choke plate, luggage hatch cover plate, ceiling, sunshade plate, engine cover, engine sound-proof board, front and rear wing plate and other internal and external parts and functional parts.

Building field: water tank, building template, tile, ceiling, toilet, dressing table, bathtub, sink, moulded door plate, cabinet door, storage room component, moulded artificial stone, cellar cover, etc.

Other fields: tableware tray, table and chair, decoration, audio products, dustbin, table tennis table, basketball board, etc





NEWECO production

1. BMC Drainage pit cover resin

2. The SMC/BMC resin

3. Low shrinkage agent



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