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What are the advantages of waterborne acrylic resin?

Mar 19, 2019

What are the advantages of waterborne acrylic resin?
Compared with traditional solvent-based coatings, water-based coatings have become the main direction for the development of the coatings industry because of their low price, safe use, resource and energy saving, and reduction of environmental pollution and pollution. Waterborne acrylic resin coatings are the fastest growing and most diverse non-polluting coatings in waterborne coatings.

The aqueous acrylic resin includes an acrylic resin emulsion, an aqueous acrylic resin dispersion (also referred to as water-dilutable acrylic acid), and an aqueous acrylic acid solution. The emulsion is mainly synthesized by emulsification of an oily ethylenic monomer in water under the initiation of an aqueous free radical initiator, and the aqueous resin dispersion is synthesized by a different process such as radical solution polymerization or stepwise solution polymerization. From the particle diameter: emulsion particle size > resin aqueous dispersion particle size > aqueous solution particle size. From the application point of view, the two are the most important.

Acrylic emulsion is mainly used as the base material of latex paint, and it has an important application in the architectural coatings market. At present, its application is still expanding. In recent years, the development and application of acrylic resin water dispersion has attracted people's attention, in industrial coatings and civil applications. The application in the field of coatings continues to expand. According to the monomer composition, it is generally classified into a pure acrylic emulsion, a styrene-acrylic emulsion, a vinegar-acrylic emulsion, a silicone-acrylic emulsion, a tertiary vinegar (tert-carbonate-vinyl acetate) emulsion, a tertiary-propylene (tertiary carbonate-acrylate) emulsion, and the like.

Acrylic water-based paint can be divided into two types: water-dispersed and water-soluble. The former is a water-based latex or hydrosol-based coating. The water-soluble acrylate coating is made of a copolymer resin with active crosslinkable functional groups. The multi-system thermosetting coating is coated with or without cross-linking resin to crosslink the reactive functional groups during film formation. Structured paint film. The development of water-based acrylate coatings can replace most of the organic volatile solvents with water under the unique performance conditions of acrylate coatings, thereby achieving the goal of greatly reducing air pollution.

The water-soluble acrylic resin is mostly anionic. The monomer of the copolymer resin is selected from an appropriate amount of unsaturated carboxylic acid such as acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, maleic anhydride, methylene succinic acid, etc., to have a carboxyl group in the side chain. The water is obtained by neutralizing with an organic amine or ammonia to form a salt. Further, the water solubility of the resin can be increased by selecting a suitable monomer to introduce a hydrophilic group such as an -OH hydroxyl group, a -CONH2 acylamino group or an -O-ether bond. The neutralized salt-forming acrylic resin is soluble in water, but its water solubility is not very strong, and often forms a cloudy liquid or a highly viscous solution, so a certain proportion of hydrophilic aid must be added to the water-soluble resin. A solvent to increase the water solubility of the resin.

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