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What are the applicable advantages of FRP roof fan

Oct 08, 2019

In fan production, FRP is a relatively original material, the use of this raw material is to enhance the service life of the fan, which is one of its advantages. The fan is installed on the roof to improve the indoor air environment under the physical action, and is a better choice for many places.

Use benefits:
FRP roof fans have many materials, the main components are motors, impellers, housing and hood. The FRP roof fan is exposed to the outdoor atmosphere and the wind load is 1200Pa. In order to avoid the deformation and aging of the cover, the company believes that it is suitable for the use of good raw materials, anti-UV mapping, and participate in the right amount of anti-aging plasticizer. Benzene gel coated natural resin is clean and beautiful to ensure that the outer surface of the shell and cover does not deform and fade for 30 years.
FRP roof fans have low noise and smooth streamlined airfoil blades without corrosion pits, helping to reduce aerodynamic noise. At the same time, the transmission structure and support structure of the fan fully consider the noise reduction requirements of the fan. The FRP roof fan runs smoothly, the impeller inertia is small, the fan dynamic static regulation, the balance precision is high, the operation is stable.
FRP roof fan shock absorber can be used with gravity shock absorber or electric shock absorber according to user requirements. General gravity dampers are used for exhaust fans and electric dampers are used for reversible and intake roof fans. Place a 5mm rubber plate between the fan base and the base to reduce vibration. Anchor bolts should be equipped with spring washers to prevent loosening during use.
The FRP roof fan has the following characteristics:
1. High efficiency and energy saving. Select the international advanced airfoil with excellent performance and design according to the best aerodynamic shape. The fan blade is machined into accurate size and the surface is smooth.
2. The anticorrosion effect is good. The FRP fan has excellent anticorrosion performance, which can ensure the stable operation of the fan under outdoor conditions, or in water vapor containing acid, alkali and other corrosive components.
3. Low noise. Because of its non-corrosive, smooth streamlined airfoil, it helps to reduce airflow noise. Reasonable selection of air volume, wind pressure and wind speed to reduce noise.
4. Light weight, long life. In general, the quality of metal fiberglass roof fans is reduced by 15%-40%. Because FRP has good fatigue resistance and seismic performance, and will not fail prematurely due to corrosion, the service life of FRP roof fan is long.