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What are the characteristics of epoxy resin structural adhesive

Jun 05, 2020

1. The high-strength general epoxy resin structure contains hydroxyl and ether bonds to make it have high adhesiveness. Due to these polar groups, it can generate electromagnetic force at the adjacent interface. It has less curing process, accompanied by curing agent. The chemical action can further generate warp groups and ether bonds, which not only have high cohesion, but also have strong adhesion, so epoxy adhesives are suitable for many materials such as metal, plastic, glass, wood, fiber, etc. It has a strong bonding strength, commonly known as "universal glue".

2. Low shrinkage rate The molecular arrangement of epoxy resin is tight, and no low-molecular substances are precipitated during the curing process, and it can be formulated into a solvent-free adhesive, so its shrinkage rate is generally relatively low. If the appropriate filler is used, the shrinkage rate can be reduced to 0.1 to 0.2%.

3. Strong corrosion resistance The epoxy tree refers to the presence of stable benzene rings, ether chains and dense structure after curing, which determines that the epoxy adhesive has strong resistance to the effects of the atmosphere, moisture, chemical media, bacteria, etc. , So it can be used in many harsh environments.

4. Good process performance According to the type of curing agent selected, epoxy adhesive can be cured at room temperature, middle temperature or high temperature respectively. Generally, only the contact pressure of 0.1 to 0.5 MPa is required during curing, and most epoxy resin sizing agents do not contain solvents and are easy to operate. The construction viscosity of general epoxy adhesive. The application period and curing speed can be adjusted by formula to meet various requirements. This is not only easy to ensure the bonding quality, but also simplifies the curing process and equipment.

5. Good electrical insulation performance After curing epoxy resin, good electrical insulation performance can be obtained: breakdown voltage>35kV/mm volume resistance>1015Ω.cm dielectric constant 3~4(50Hz) arc resistance 100~140 s.

6. Adaptability of the epoxy resin adhesive to change its composition (curing agent, toughening agent, filler, etc.), you can get a series of adhesive formulations with different properties to meet various needs, and many modifiers (such as phenolic Handle grease, nitrile rubber, etc.) are mixed to produce various varieties with different properties.

7. High heat resistance and low water absorption. The use temperature of bisphenol A type epoxy resin is generally from -60 to 175℃ and sometimes reaches 200℃ for a short time. If a new epoxy resin with high and low temperature resistance is used, the use temperature can be more High or lower, and the water absorption of epoxy resin is small.

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