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What are the characteristics of vinyl ester resin?

Oct 24, 2018

The advantages of vinyl ester resin can be summarized as follows:

1. Super corrosion resistance

All the components of vinyl ester resin are involved in crosslinking curing, without the precipitation of small molecules, the crosslinking density is high, and the curing substance is compact and solid.The content of ester bond is low, which is resistant to both acid and alkali, and has certain resistance to oxidizing medium and organic solvent.Its advantage of super corrosion resistance has been proved in many fields.

2. Good mechanical properties

The vinyl ester resin has good mechanical properties after curing. The bending strength of the pure resin casting can be higher than 120MPa, the tensile strength can be up to 80MPa, and the elongation of tensile fracture can be up to 4% ~ 8% (the elongation of the special toughened vinyl ester resin can be up to 8%~20%).After being reinforced by fibers or other reinforcement materials, the mechanical properties are better and can be used either as corrosion-resistant lining or cementitious materials or as integral structural parts.

3. Good technical performance

The characteristics of low viscosity, room temperature curing, large range of gel time control, strong adhesion to the base material, good impregnability of fiber and so on all endow the vinyl ester resin with good construction technology.

4. Molecular structure designability

By changing the molecular structure of epoxides and acids in the vinyl ester part and changing the type and content of unsaturated polymer monomers, it is possible to design the molecular structure of vinyl ester resin specifically and achieve different crosslinking density, toughness, strength and other requirements.

5. Complete variety categories and wide application fields

Vinyl ester resin can be divided into several grades and types according to the different molecular structure, performance and application.Such as acrylate type vinyl ester resin, methyl acrylate type vinyl ester resin, phenolic type vinyl ester resin, brominated flame retardant vinyl ester resin, high crosslinking density type vinyl ester resin, polyurethane, rubber modified type vinyl ester resin modified vinyl ester resin, partial esterification of vinyl ester resin, thickening of bisphenol A type vinyl ester resin, can be thickening phenolic type vinyl ester resin, toughening vinyl ester resin can be thickening, primer type vinyl ester resin, Marine vinyl ester resin, food grade vinyl ester resin, low shrinkage vinyl ester resin, low styrene volatilization type vinyl ester resin, A type phenolic epoxy acrylate resin, 2 (4, 6) functional degree polyurethane acrylate resin, rapid pull-molding vinyl ester resin for high heat resistance bending, vinyl ester resin for low odor (styrene volatile) floor, chlorbridge acid modified flame retardant, high corrosion resistance and heat resistance vinyl ester resin, etc.The application forms of vinyl ester resin in corrosion protection also cover all the coating and resin corrosion protection forms - coating, cement, mortar, polymer concrete, fiberglass lining, fiberglass, brick lining, etc.Non-traditional anti-corrosion, such as flame retardant materials, optical fiber reinforced core, helmet, fishing rod, sports equipment, anchor, high-speed rail, yachts, railway track pads, electrical insulation, and other fields, has also been widely used.



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