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What are the common packing USES and types of resin abrasives?

Oct 29, 2018

Common use and variety of resin abrasives

Resin binders are used to bond loose abrasives, solidify into a certain shape, and after heating and cementing, they have a certain degree of hardness, strength and grinding performance. The resin binders are composed of binders (resins) and various fillers.The physical and mechanical properties of the binder are greatly influenced by the type and amount of filler.Therefore, the type and amount of filler must be chosen reasonably.

Supplementary material

The commonly used auxiliary materials in the raw materials of resin abrasive tools include filling agent, wetting agent, plasticizer, diluent, coupling agent, mold release agent, reinforcing material, etc.

Filler (filler)

To change the properties or reduce the cost of the binding agent.Commonly used filler is used to improve the strength of grinding tools, such as semi-hydrated gypsum, corundum powder, SiC powder, feldspar powder, quartz powder, clay, nylon wire, asbestos fiber, etc.Used to improve the electrical conductivity of grinding tools, such as molybdenum, silver, graphite powder, etc.Used to promote hardening, such as CaO, MgO, etc.;Used for improving the heat resistance of grinding tools, such as graphite powder, asbestos strip, clay powder, quartz powder, FeO powder, etc.For improving the polishing performance of grinding tools, such as molybdenum disulfide, graphite powder, refined naphthalene, experiment, pumice, polyethylene hollow ball, etc.For improving grinding efficiency, such as ice crystal powder, pyrite powder, sodium fluorosilicate (potassium), oxide, sulfide, etc.

Wetting agent

The function is to mix into forming materials, first abrasive wet, then mixed materials, to maintain the wet strength of the body.Commonly used wetting agents are ethanol, water, oil, kerosene lamp.


In order to reduce the glass temperature of the resin, increase the fluidity, improve the toughness of the grinding tool, dibutyl phthalate, polyamide, liquid glue are commonly used.

Coupling agent

In order to promote the bond between the binder and the adhesive and improve the bonding strength.The commonly used coupling agents are volan, a-151, kh-550, kh-590, B201 and B202.The general dosage is 0.1%~0.8%, and the strength of grinding tool can be increased by 10%~30%.

Reinforced material

Used to manufacture high speed resin abrasive tools, glass fiber, mesh cloth, nylon, etc.


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