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What are the main functions of unsaturated resins?

Oct 23, 2018

According to its properties, unsaturated resins can be classified into general type, anti-corrosion type, self-extinguishing type, heat-resistant type, low shrinkage type, etc.

According to its main use can be divided into glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) resin and non-glass fiber reinforced plastic resin two categories;

According to the specific classification of special varieties including winding resin, spray resin, RTM resin, extrusion resin, SMC, BMC resin, flame retardant resin, food grade resin, anti-corrosion resin, handicraft resin, button resin, agate resin, artificial stone resin, high transparent resin crystal resin, atomic ash resin, etc.

UPR's GFRP products are widely used in the following fields: construction field, GFRP vehicles, GFRP boats, GFRP amusement equipment, anti-corrosion products and engineering such as glass pipes, cans and troughs, GFRP traffic equipment, labor protection and security products, energy saving GFRP products, GFRP food containers, and GFRP furniture;

The application fields of UPR are as follows: crystal handicraft, opaque plastic handicraft, etc

Other: including anchoring agents, electrical casting, toughening agents, adhesives,  Neweco High Polymer Material Co., LTD. Specialized in vinyl resin, unsaturated polyester resin and some resin auxiliary materials, such as curing agent, accelerator, color paste, glass fiber cloth, etc.



NEWECO is one of the leading unsaturated polyester resin manufacturers and suppliers,widely used in automobiles, ships, rail transit, wind power generation, pipe cans, heat and corrosion protection, building materials, stone repair, sanitary ware, artificial stone and other industries. Suitable for hand lay-up, spray, pultrusion, winding, molding, vacuum introduction / RTM, casting and other molding processes. NEWECO Resin is committed to excellence and focuses on the application of composite materials to provide customers with comprehensive solutions.