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What are the main points of installation of FRP tanks?

Feb 16, 2019

Introduction to the installation points of FRP tanks
The main points of installation of FRP tanks are as follows.

1. Assembly (1) The cured liner and the head are demolded and cut into the dimensions specified in the design documents.

(2) Using the assembly ring to dock the cylinder liner and the head, adjust the assembly ring to the nominal diameter Φ-30mm, insert the assembly ring into the cylinder liner, and expand the assembly ring to the nominal diameter Φ-15mm, which will be sealed. The head cover is placed on the exposed part of the assembly ring, and the assembly ring is slowly expanded, and the circumference of the liner and the diameter of the 3 points (uniform) are measured to meet the standard requirements.

(3) Laying the outer reinforcement layer of the joint seam, grinding the joint area, laying the outer joint from the inside to the outside (incremental width), the outer layer width is not less than 250mm. The whole reinforcement is completed, and the inner liner resin and chopped strand mat are used. Bonding the inner seam, laying from the outside to the inner step (incremental width).

Second, the upper and lower heads are strengthened, and the head is divided into inner lining layer and structural layer according to the structure. (1) The inner lining of the head is formed in the same way as the forming process and raw materials of the inner tube liner, and is spray-molded by a spray gun with high resin content. The inner liner of the head is laid and deepened.

(2) Laying the head structure layer, the spray gun and the glass cloth are alternately carried out. During the laying process of each layer of glass cloth, reasonable tension should be applied, and the right amount should be overlapped with each other, and the combined pressure roller should be repeatedly rolled to drive out the air bubbles to ensure that the fibers are completely saturated. Reinforcing material layers are required to meet the resin content requirements of the design.


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