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What are the precautions for curing agents and accelerators in use?

Jan 23, 2019

Notes for use of curing agents and accelerators


(1) the curing agent and the promoter must be used together, that is, no. 1 curing agent shall use no. 1 promoter and no. 2 curing agent shall use no. 2 promoter.

(2) curing agent is a strong oxidant, must be placed in the dark shade, do not close to the fire, promoters should also be kept in the dark shade.To be on the safe side, general hardener and plasticizer are mixed first make paste use, and stimulant can be mixed with styrene diluent use.

(3) curing agent and accelerator must not be directly mixed to avoid explosion.They should also be kept separately.Do not add curing agent and accelerator at the same time. Mix the accelerator with resin first and then add curing agent.

(4) the dosage of curing agent and accelerator should be adjusted according to the need (such as product performance, operating temperature and the length of service life, etc.).Accelerants may not be added to the hot - curing formulation.Curing at room temperature can be adjusted according to the gel time, can be determined in the case of curing agent dosage, change the amount of accelerator to adjust, usually, curing agent dosage of resin weight of 2-4%, promoter dosage of 1-2%.


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