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What are the requirements for the epoxy floor construction environment?

Mar 20, 2019

What are the requirements for the epoxy floor construction environment?

        Epoxy resin floor is a high-quality, high-demand product. For the construction requirements, the epoxy resin manufacturer reminds everyone that the floor construction workers should pay attention to several aspects:
1. Hardness hardness refers to the strength of the coated base or the marking of the concrete base. The hardness of the coating base fundamentally determines the age of the coating, the adhesion of the coating and the effect of the coating.
2, flatness flatness refers to the key indicators of the smoothness of the coating base. The flatness of the base layer fundamentally determines the flatness of the coating, and the flatness of the coating directly affects the use of the coating.
3. Thickness Thickness refers to the thickness of a layer of concrete on the surface of the painted base (structural layer), not the thickness of the entire base layer. If the thickness is too thin, it is easy to delaminate and empty. It is required that the structural layer of the surface layer has a small thickness of 5 cm or more and a hardness of C25 or more.
4. Humidity Humidity refers to the moisture content of the coating base and the air humidity of the coating environment. Different floor coatings have different requirements on the moisture content of the coating base. The epoxy floor coating requires less than 8%, and the methyl-capped acid methyl ester resin requires about 10%. If the moisture content of the base surface exceeds the standard, blisters, drums, and whole pieces may fall off. The moisture content in the air, that is, the humidity, can be measured with a hygrometer. Generally, the humidity of the epoxy floor paint is 85% or less, but not less than 30%.

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