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What are the SMC composites advantages?

Mar 14, 2019

SMC composites have the following advantages:
1, environmental green
SMC composite is a halogen-free, non-hazardous substance. It is a new type of environmentally friendly material that meets the needs of future green development.
2, chemical corrosion resistance
SMC composites have good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, organic solvents, seawater, etc., while metal materials are not resistant to acid and corrosion.
3, lightweight and strong
Specific strength and specific modulus are one of the indicators to measure the bearing capacity of materials. The specific modulus of SMC composites is comparable to that of steel, but its specific strength can reach 4 times that of steel.
4, fire retardant performance is good
SMC composite material is fire retardant; the material is tested as a Class B non-combustible material by national authorities.
5, good heat resistance
SMC composites have the ability to maintain their physical properties in harsh high temperature environments. The operating temperature ranges from minus 60 degrees to 150 degrees and the heat distortion temperature is above 280 degrees.
6, low thermal conductivity, small expansion coefficient
When there is a temperature difference, the thermal stress generated is much smaller than that of the metal, and the heat preservation performance is good.
7, excellent anti-aging properties
SMC composites have excellent anti-aging properties. The anti-aging performance test shows that the surface has a large aging thickness of less than 50 μm in 20 years.
8, long service life
The history of SMC composites can prove its service life is at least 30 years.
9, high production efficiency
The molding cycle is short and easy to mechanize and automate.

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