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What are the types of gel coat resin?

Nov 10, 2018

Type of gel coat resin

Bisphenol A gel coat resin

Bisphenol A (also known as diphenol propane) is A type of bisphenol A polyester resin coating resin.It is synthesized by substitution of diphenyl propane and epoxypropane (also known as d-33 monomer) in place of partial dialcohol, and then by condensation polymerization with dibasic acid.

This kind of resin has excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance after curing, and has been used as temperature and corrosion resistant rubber clothing.


Vinyl ester type gel coat resin

Vinyl ester type coating resin is mainly vinyl ester resin coating resin.Vinyl ester resin is a kind of thermosetting resin with unsaturated double bond at the end base.These resins are usually made by reacting acrylic or methacrylic with different types of epoxy resins.

One outstanding advantage of this type of resin is its excellent corrosion resistance, which is more acidic than amine-curing epoxy resin, more alkaline than acid-curing epoxy resin and unsaturated polyvinegar resin.It has both good toughness and invasiveness to glass fibers.



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