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What are the uses of epoxy resin

May 18, 2020

1. In the field of coatings

Applied to automobile: chassis primer, component paint, inner wall coating of tank truck

Applicable to containers: coatings for inner and outer walls of food cans, anti-corrosion coatings for inner and outer walls of storage tanks, anti-corrosion for pressure tanks

Applied to factory equipment: equipment, pipeline anticorrosive coatings, outer coatings for refrigerators and washing machines, electrical equipment insulation coatings

Applied in civil engineering: anti-corrosion coatings for bridges, anti-corrosion coatings for steel structures, anti-seepage coatings for water and water products, floor coatings, decorative coatings, functional coatings, steel mesh cement gates

Applicable to ships: inner wall coatings for bottom cargo warehouses, marine container coatings, anticorrosive coatings for steel parts

Applied to other: steel furniture powder coating, resistance component powder coating, steel parts powder coating, valve body anti-corrosion, heavy anti-corrosion super wear-resistant ceramic, shielded vertical pipeline pump, solar water heater, solar panel, weapon

Quartz Composite Kitchen Sink

2. In the field of composite materials

Applied to automobiles: glass fiber reinforced plastic car shells, glass fiber reinforced plastic floors, glass fiber reinforced plastic tank cars, control system instruments and electrical parts, displays, automotive dry ignition coils, glass fiber reinforced plastic parts, anti-skid steering wheel covers, epoxy resin local reinforcement materials

Used in factory equipment: FRP oxygen cylinders, FRP tanks, FRP containers, pipes, molds, propellers, loom shafts, aircraft honeycomb structures, hoods, rollers, shafts, installed foundation leveling, self-leveling floors, electromagnetic Coils, pilot valves, glass parts, glass fiber reinforced plastic pump valves, electric carbon products, construction engineering structural parts, machine transmission parts

Applied to insulating materials: copper clad laminate, glass steel plate, pipe, rod, transformer, relay, high-voltage switch, insulator, transformer, resistor, cable head, electronic device, component sealing or encapsulation and plastic sealing, alarm, solid power supply , FBT flyback transformer, focusing potentiometer, motorcycle, automobile and other motor vehicles ignition coils, electronics, electrical parts, light-emitting diodes, signal lights, fully enclosed batteries, motor packaging, temperature transmitters, recorder heads, circuit board closures, Integrated circuits, discrete transistors, passive filters, LED structural packaging, encapsulated solar panels, power components, IC regulators and solid state relays, coal mine safety inspection systems, intrinsically safe modules, auto-reclosers

Applied to sports goods: fiberglass helmets, rackets, golf clubs, fishing rods, bowling balls, sleds, surfboards, fiberglass boats, sailing boats, racing cars, recliners, hockey sticks

Used in other: aircraft fuselage, helicopter spiral blades, wind turbine blades, medical instruments, scalpel handles, cardiac pacemakers, crafts and jewelry, valve seals, hydraulic construction, electroluminescent screens, concrete anti-wear layers , Thermal insulation materials, animal models, space vehicles, marine stern shafts, rudder shafts, chemical wood, tower body reinforcement, maglev train tracks, solar battery musical instruments, epoxy decorations, fiberglass tent poles, knife handles, windows, furniture, pumps , Crutches, graphics cards, infrared filters, digital displays, matrix radiators, light-emitting diodes and photodiodes, laboratory countertops, simulation trees, prefabricated millstone roads and bridges

Composite Overpass Flower Pot

3. In the field of adhesives

Application: room temperature rapid curing tough epoxy resin adhesive, conductive adhesive, room temperature curing electrostatic flocking adhesive, optical structural adhesive, shuffleboard adhesive, chemical anchoring adhesive, high functionalization of silk, artificial flower, magnetic writing Board, car repair glue, stone glue