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What areas are hot melt adhesives used in?

Sep 24, 2019

Hot melt adhesive is a kind of adhesive system based on thermoplastic resin. It is a 100% solid adhesive without water and solvent. When in use, it is heated and melted into a liquid, glued and pressed, and a strong bond is formed after cooling.
Hot melt adhesive has many advantages: short solidification time, only a few seconds to complete the next program; suitable for automatic operation, improve production efficiency; no solvent, no drying equipment, can save floor space and facilitate storage and transportation; Good stability, long-term storage will not deteriorate; non-toxic, pollution-free, non-flammable. Provide a healthy and safe working environment; widely used.
I. Hot melt adhesive for air filters.
Filter products are generally divided into two categories: air filter and oil filter. The application of hot melt adhesive is widely used in air filtration of air conditioning products. The main industries are automotive air conditioning filters, factory rooms air conditioning filters for two types of products. They all use specific fiber paper to achieve air filtration function, the application of hot melt adhesive in air filter products is roughly the folding and setting of filter paper, the bonding of filter frame and filter paper, frame filling and sealing and so on.
II. Food and beverage packaging and manufacturing industry.
Because the hot melt adhesive has the characteristics of environmental protection, rapid bonding and curing, in the automatic assembly line production of food, beverage, beer, book binding and so on, the hot melt adhesive cooperates with the automatic equipment to seal the box and fit the straw. Wireless adhesive binding, the effect is excellent.
III. Disposable sanitary products industry.
As an adhesive, hot melt adhesive does not contain organic solvent, fast coating speed, safety and hygiene, and is widely used in the industry of sanitary products in direct contact with human body.
Hot melt adhesive for shoes.
Compared with water-based adhesive and solvent-based adhesive, hot melt adhesive has been widely used in shoe industry for more than 20 years because of its wide range of application, environmental protection, rapid curing, no drying equipment and so on.
V. Woodworking, ornaments and handicrafts industry.
Family DIY and carpentry, handicrafts, toys, jewelry industry extensive use of EVA hot melt adhesive rods, rubber particles to achieve good bonding effect.
VI. Other industries.
Hot melt adhesive is one of the most widely used environmental protection adhesives. In addition to the above-mentioned industries, hot melt adhesive is also widely used in electronics, automotive interior decoration, labels, express bags, adhesive tapes, and other manufacturing processes.