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What can be used to bond the resin?

Feb 15, 2019

What can be used to bond the resin? 

Adhesion resin can be: instant dry glue, AB glue, plastic glue, crystal glue, glue hy-308 and so on.

Listed as follows:

1, instant dry glue

Instant dry glue name si yi that dry quickly glue, you can quickly followed by glue, easy to use.Ethyl acrylate is mainly used as a single-component fast-curing adhesive, which is synthesized through advanced production process by adding viscosifier, thickener, stabilizer, toughening agent and polymerization retarder.

Is a high strength, fast adhesive, can be used in a variety of high speed into the next work, especially suitable for the use of wood industry;For close fitting, porous materials, such as rubber, metal, plastic, wood, etc., can achieve the strongest effect;

This glue is a single component, no solvent, no need to add catalyst, heating or pressure adhesive, only need a thin layer of glue, it can use the atmospheric humidity in the air to produce a high degree of polymerization, to achieve the best bonding effect.There are natural adhesive and synthetic adhesive, also can be divided into organic adhesive and inorganic adhesive.

2. AB glue

AB adhesive is a two-component epoxy resin AB adhesive, with high transparency, the adhesive curing perfect trace, no heating, room temperature curing, environmental protection and non-toxic;High bonding strength, good toughness, oil resistance, water resistance and many other advantages;

The cured material has good electrical and physical properties such as insulation, compression resistance and low shrinkage.Widely used in various high-grade ceramics, glass, metal digital technology and other products manufacturing and repair.


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