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What defect does PE coating resin have

Feb 25, 2019

Disadvantages of PE coating resin
(1)PE coating resin is anaerobic paint, in contact with the air, the surface can not fully cure and sticky. The traditional solution is to add paraffin, as a sealant to isolate oxygen. Paraffin is alkanes, melting point of about 54 paraffin in the resin has a more appropriate solubility.One of the disadvantages of wax-containing PE coating resin is that the surface of products has wax lines. In order to obtain a high-gloss surface, it must be polished and polished after curing.Another disadvantage is that when the wax liquid diffuses to the surface of the coating when the resin is cured, it will also spread to the surface of the substrate, affecting the adhesion of the paint film.
(2) PE coating resin, multiple components generally contain resin, promoting agent, curing agent, three kinds of wax liquid will be added to some, defoaming agent, printing ink, etc. Its curing by environmental temperature, humidity, the influence of the plate is very big, plus batches with differences, bring many difficulties to paint mixing, promoting agent, the dosage of the curing agent to master is bad, will directly affect the performance of the coating.
(3) the film-forming mechanism of PE coating resin for free radical polymerization, once its components after mixing, which began to produce free radicals and induce polymerization, generally within 20 min, could cause a lot of inconvenience. Construction for the same painting process (such as coating, curtain coating), using PE coating resin equipment or process than using complex of PU lacquer coating, high equipment cost.

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