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What do you need to pay attention to when using epoxy resin to seal glue?

Sep 25, 2019

When using epoxy resin for the first time, because I am not familiar with the characteristics of epoxy resin, more or less there will be some difficult problems to deal with. Now neweco has sorted out some matters needing attention for your reference.
1. How to choose epoxy resin filling and sealing adhesive?
The product is used for sealing performance requirements such as: use temperature, hot and cold alternating conditions, internal stress of components, outdoor use or indoor use, stress state, environmental protection, flame retardant and heat conduction, color requirements and so on. Second, the filling and sealing process in the use of products: manual or automatic filling, room temperature or heating curing, mixing sizing time, colloid solidification time, curing time and so on.
two。. Understand the steps for the use of epoxy resin filling and sealing adhesive:
2.1. Keep the products to be filled dry and clean;
2.2. Check Agent A first, observe if there is precipitation, and stir Agent A thoroughly.
2.3. According to the proportion, weigh accurately, keep in mind that the proportion is the weight ratio, not the volume ratio. After mixing A and B agents, fully stirred to avoid incomplete curing;
2.4. After mixing evenly, please fill the glue in time, and use up the mixed glue in the available time.
2.5. After perfusion, the glue will gradually seep into the gap of the product. If necessary, please fill it twice.
2.6 keep the environment clean during curing to prevent impurities or dust from falling on the surface of the uncured filling adhesive.