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What features of artificial granite products?

Feb 21, 2019

Features of artificial granite products:


1. Most of the granite are organic pigments with different colors. Organic pigments have no tolerance to sunshine, moisture, acid and alkali, and are easy to fade or even change color.


2, most of the granite glue content is high, on the one hand, resulting in stone texture is not strong, decoration effect is not class, on the other hand, the size of the glue hot expansion cold contraction, the product is easy to become warping deformation, short service life, moreover, the glue generally contains volatile toxic gas, harmful to human body.


3. Due to technical reasons, the granite has many pores, poor impact resistance, easy pollution and color infiltration, poor disease resistance, false gloss, easy to be worn, not lasting.


4. Granite with marble powder as raw material is not acid resistant, because its main component is CaCO3, which is easily decomposed by reaction with acid.The hardness of marble powder and binder is very low, so the hardness of granite is also very low, generally less than mohler hardness 3, so not wear-resisting, not resistant to scratching, easy to scratch.


5, the first generation of granite because contain marble and granite components more or less there is a certain level of radioactivity.


Artificial granite is mainly used in the wall, the ground, in the process of using the physical properties of natural stone and quartz stone, when used in the ground is easy to produce drum, discoloration, scratches and other phenomena, after a long time of use is very difficult to clean.In the surface gloss and natural stone also have a large gap.

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