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What happens when the wood encounters the resin?

Oct 22, 2018

Wood encounters resin, combining nature with modern art

Dutch designer alexander pelikan created a series of furniture plastic nature with wood and resin, making full use of the plasticity of the resin, as a connecting piece of wood, in this way can better recycle wood (let the flowable resin make up the defective wood) ).

The random shape of the connection boundary in this group of works expresses the flow plasticity of the resin very well. It not only visually or structurally, but also allows the two materials to be naturally and closely integrated.

Japanese architect Jo nagasaka designed a set of furniture for Established & Sons, also made of resin-bonded wood.

By attaching a colorful epoxy resin to the surface of the wood, it can be used not only as a design element, but also to make the surface of the wood smoother and more durable. The color of the resin and the texture of the wood echo each other to form a strong visual impact.




In fact, I can also make it myself.

Find a piece of rotten wood, polish it...

Modulate some fluorescent resin and fill him into the natural cavity...

The combination of nature and modern art is born!


It’s a pity that the leftovers of the rest of the furniture were thrown away. German product designer Marcel Dunger thought of a good way to regain life from these scraps: make it into beautiful jewelry.

He combines colored bio-resin with jagged broken maple, shaping it, and then allowing the color to be evenly and firmly preserved by sun exposure, supplemented by cutting into necklace pendants, earrings, rings, etc. The jewelry has a clear texture and a woody atmosphere.

From waste to amazing works - the dead wood is reborn with resin and is the magic of design.



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