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What is amino resin principle?

Mar 04, 2019

Amino resin principle

The importance of amino resin in baking paint far exceeds the proportion it takes in the paint. It is increasingly important to understand how to use the chemical properties of amino resins to design coating formulations. For example, paint formulators are not satisfied with certain properties of the film and can be adjusted in several ways:
1. Improvement or re-selection of the film-forming resin itself;

2, the choice of amino resin (methyl etherification or butyl etherification, and the choice of degree of etherification, etc.);

3. The ratio of film-forming resin to amino resin.

4, the choice of catalyst (added and not added, or how much).

The above four items are related to the amino resin except for the first one, and the performance of the amino resin depends on its own functional group and its activity, so it is important to understand the structure of the amino resin. However, before understanding the amino resin, first of all, a preliminary understanding of the main resin with the amino resin.
The amino resin mentioned above is mainly used in combination with an alkyd resin, an acrylic resin, a polyester resin, and an epoxy resin. The alkyd resin is mainly synthesized by esterification reaction between polyhydric alcohol and polybasic acid resin. Generally, the alcohol will be appropriately excessive in the synthesis process; some carboxyl acids of the polybasic acid will not react completely, so the alkyd resin finally formed will contain certain Amount of carboxyl and hydroxyl groups. The number of carboxyl groups and hydroxyl groups is usually characterized by an acid value and a hydroxyl value. The acid value refers to the number of milligrams of KOH required to neutralize 1 g of the solid resin by titration with KOH. The hydroxyl value means the number of milligrams of KOH required for the neutralization of OH contained in 1 g of the solid resin into a carboxyl group by complete titration with KOH. Similarly, polyester resins, acrylic resins, and amino resins also contain certain carboxyl groups and hydroxyl groups. The raw materials used for the synthetic resin are different. For example, the carboxyl group in the acrylic resin is derived from acrylic acid, the hydroxyl group is derived from hydroxy acrylic acid, and the amino resin contains different amounts of carboxyl groups and hydroxyl groups. Acid value, hydroxyl value and viscosity are all important indexes of the resin, which directly affect the performance of the resin.

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