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What is application of BMC thermosetting molding compound in miniature air switch?

Mar 16, 2019

Application of BMC thermosetting molding compound in miniature air switch
The micro air switch protects the overload and short circuit of the terminal distribution line and has the function of isolation. Its outer casing can be made of high insulation and high heat resistance BMC thermosetting composite material, because this material has no melting point after molding, even In case of fire, it will only gradually carbonize without melting and deformation, so its insulation and heat resistance are extremely high. BMC thermosetting composites started in the 1950s and developed in the 1980s. BMC thermosetting composites are produced by special processes such as resin, glass fiber and filler. The properties of BMC thermosetting composite materials are as follows:
(1) Excellent mechanical strength, impact resistance, anti-aging, comparable to some metal materials, so it is widely used in transportation vehicles, construction, electronics, electrical and other industries.
(2) Excellent molding process, light weight and easy and flexible engineering design. The product has a high degree of freedom in design and can be molded integrally with inserts such as metal, glass and ceramics.
(3) Excellent dimensional stability, small coefficient of linear expansion, good creep resistance, suitable for high-precision molded products, even in shape design with large thickness variations.
(4) Excellent electrical insulation, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, anti-wear, waterproof and moisture-proof.
(5) It has flame retardancy and heat resistance, can withstand high temperature and high humidity, and can meet the UL-94 standard for flame retardancy. The heat distortion temperature can reach 200 °C or above. Therefore, the BMC thermosetting composite material is particularly suitable for the requirements of large-scale production of micro air switches requiring high precision and high precision.

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