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what is application of unsaturated polyester resins?

Jan 25, 2019

Use of unsaturated polyester resins

According to the specific special varieties classification includes winding resin, injection of resin, RTM resin, pultrusion resin, SMC, BMC resin, flame retardant resin, food-grade resin, anti-corrosion resin, dry gas type resin, polaroid board resin, resin handicraft, resin buttons, artificial stone, agate resin resin, resin high transparent crystal resin, putty and resin, etc.

As FRP surface decoration of anti-aging flame retardant gel coat, heat resistant gel coat, spray gel coat, mold gel coat, no cracking gel coat, radiation curing gel coat, high wear resistant gel coat.

According to the structure of unsaturated polyester resin can be divided into o-benzene, m-benzene, p-benzene, bisphenol A, vinyl ester, etc.

According to its performance, it can be divided into universal type, anticorrosive type, self-extinguishing type, heat-resistant type, low shrinkage type, etc.

According to its main USES, it can be divided into FRP resin and non-frp resin.The so-called FRP products refers to the resin to glass fiber and its products as a reinforcement material made of various products, also known as glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP or FRP);Non-glass fiber reinforced plastic products are resin and inorganic filler mixed or its own separate use of various products, also known as non-enhanced glass fiber reinforced plastic products.

UPR FRP products are widely used in the following fields:

Construction field: cooling tower, 8 meters 3/ h -3000 meters 3/ h cross flow, countercurrent, jet tower and wind tube, fan, water receiver and other accessories.Doors, Windows, light lighting buildings, grilles, mobile homes, cold storage, park kiosks, Taiwan, kiosks, etc.

Glass pipe, tank, tank and other anticorrosive products and projects: including large, medium and small diameter pipes, pipe fittings, valves, storage tanks, storage tanks, grilles, filler plates, towers, chimneys, anticorrosive floors and anticorrosive buildings, etc.

FRP vehicles: double deck passenger cars and parts, window frames, car bodies, bumpers, train vents, spring plates, etc.

GFRP boats: include yachts, lifeboats, traffic boats, fishing boats, speedboats, sampans, breeding boats, speedboats, etc.

Fiberglass amusement equipment: including large amusement machines, large water parks, children's parks.


Fiberglass transportation equipment, labor insurance and security supplies: including road signs, road signs, footbridges, lamps, cable boxes, measuring rods, helmets, kiosks, explosion-proof equipment, manhole covers, etc.

FRP sanitary equipment: bathtub, toilet, toilet, mirror frame, integral toilet, dustbin.


Energy-saving FRP products;Including axial flow fans, centrifugal fans, solar water heaters, wind turbines and so on.

FRP food containers: high water tanks, food transport tanks, beverage cans.

Fiberglass city sculptures, fonts, handicrafts and bone-sticking techniques.

Fiberglass furniture: including chairs, express tables, furniture sets, telephone booths, counters, etc.


FRP electromechanical, mining, light textile products: including protective cover, grilles, dry type transformers, mutual inductors, high voltage tie rods, computer rooms, electrical switches, SMC satellite antenna, copper foil, clothing models, ventilation ducts, cotton sliver tubes, etc.

Fiberglass sports equipment and music dance equipment: including tennis racket, parallel bars, horizontal bars, springboard, rowing, props, etc.

The application fields of UPR are as follows:

Include crystal handicraft, opaque all sorts of modelling handicraft

Buttons: all kinds of polyester buttons.

Artificial stone: including artificial marble, artificial agate, artificial granite, etc

Coating: including furniture coating, piano, TV, radio shell, sewing machine board and bicycle finish.

Putty: polyester putty for car repair, etc.


Others: including anchoring agent, electrical casting, toughening agent, adhesive, etc