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What is compound acrylic?

Nov 05, 2018

Composite acrylic:

Composite acrylic is defined by polymerization of high quality unsaturated resin, MMA modified resin matrix and mineral filler (aluminum hydroxide).

Basic information:

1. Compared with common ordinary artificial stone boards, it has the characteristics of high toughness and no cracking and deformation.At the same time, the surface texture is more exquisite, high gloss, bright color, non - toxic, non - radiation, particle layer feeling.It was very popular when it was launched.

Ii. Product features of composite acrylic artificial stone:

1. High toughness, not cracking deformation: physical properties such as stretching and bending impact are more than 20% higher than ordinary artificial stones, especially with high toughness and not cracking deformation.

2. Environmental protection, non-toxic and non-radioactive: pure and high-quality mineral powder is used as filler. All products are non-toxic and have passed the non-toxic test.Will not produce harmful radiation effect to human body.

3. Excellent flame resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and pollution resistance: the composite acrylic board oxygen index is up to 41%, with excellent flame resistance. Meanwhile, chemical corrosion resistance and pollution resistance are better than ordinary artificial stone table, which is a more ideal choice for kitchen table.

4. Better processing performance than ordinary plates: smooth processing, less dust in the process;It can be used for processing of special structure, especially for bending.Same sanding, polishing operation, composite acrylic surface glossiness is better, can maintain longer.

5. More delicate texture, better gloss, and brighter color: viewed from the outside, the composite acrylic board has more delicate texture and better gloss, and the color is brighter. The particles have a layer feeling, and the texture is transparent, clear and smooth.