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What is curing agent

Feb 12, 2019

A curing agent for an unsaturated polyester resin is a peroxide which is caused by an accelerator or other external conditions to initiate crosslinking of the resin, and is also referred to as an initiator or a catalyst. The term "catalyst" as used herein is different from the "catalyst" in the conventional sense.

In the traditional sense, the term "catalyst" is used to help the reactants, while they promote the reaction, they are not consumed by themselves. In the UPR curing reaction, the peroxide must change its structure before it "catalyzes" the reaction. Therefore, a suitable name for the peroxide used for UPR curing should be called "starter". Or "initiator".

When it comes to peroxides, the two concepts we need to understand are the active oxygen content and the critical temperature. The "active oxygen" or "reactive oxygen content" is a concept that is closely related to the curing agent and is often misunderstood.

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