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What is flame retardant resin?

Jan 29, 2019

Flame retardant resin

Sometimes flame-retardant materials are as important as medical aid, and flame-retardant materials can avoid or reduce the occurrence of disasters.Fire deaths in Europe have fallen by about 20% in the past decade as a result of flame retardants.The safety of flame-retardant materials themselves is also very important. In industry, the specification of the types of materials used is a slow and difficult process. Currently, many halogen and halogen-phosphorous flame retardants have been and are being evaluated by the ec, and many of them will be completed between 2004 and 2006.

At present, the reactive flame retardant resin is prepared by diol containing chlorine or bromine or halogen substituents containing dibasic acid.Halogen flame retardants produce a lot of smoke when they are burned, accompanied by the formation of highly irritating hydrogen halide.The smoke and fumes from the burning process do great harm to people.According to statistics, more than 80% of the deaths in fire accidents are caused by this.Another disadvantage of using bromine or chlorine as flame retardants is that they can also produce corrosive and polluting gases when burned, which can lead to damage to electrical components.Using inorganic flame retardants such as hydration alumina, magnesium, boron, molybdenum compounds such as flame retardant additives, though an obvious smoke abatement effect, low smoke low toxic flame retardant resin was prepared, but if the large amount of inorganic flame retardant filler, resin viscosity increase, not only conducive to the construction, at the same time adding a large amount of additive flame retardant resin, can affect the mechanical strength and performance of resin after curing.

At present, many patents abroad have reported the technology of producing low toxicity and low smoke flame retardant resin with phosphorous flame retardant.Phosphorous flame retardant has a considerable flame retardant effect. The phosphoric acid generated during combustion can polymerize into a stable polymorphism, forming a protective layer, covering the surface of the combustion material, isolating oxygen, promoting the dehydration and carbonization of the resin surface, and forming a protective film of carbonization to prevent combustion.At the same time, phosphorous flame retardants can be used together with halogen flame retardants. 

Of course, the future research direction of flame retardant resin is low smoke, low toxicity, low cost.The ideal resin is smokeless, low toxicity, low cost, does not affect the inherent physical properties of the resin, do not need to add adding materials, can be directly produced in the resin factory manufacturing flame retardant resin.


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