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What is flame retardant resin?

Feb 21, 2019

Flame retardant resin

Flame-retardant resin refers to the resin that can prevent or slow down the burning speed after being treated with technology.


Most polymer resins are fire inflammable substances, flame retardant resin can greatly reduce its flammability, and make it on fire can be extinguished, thereby inhibiting the spread of flame, reduce the combustion of smoke or toxic gas hazards.Flame retardant technology often add flame retardant or add inorganic filler, such as calcium carbonate, silicate, mica, etc., but also with good flame retardant monomer (such as vinyl chloride) for copolymerization, grafting, blending with high flame retardant resin.Plastic products, coatings and adhesives made from refractory resins are widely used in construction, transportation, electronic appliances and daily furniture.

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