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What is FRP

Feb 13, 2019

FRP-type materials, which have excellent physical and chemical properties such as high strength, small specific gravity, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, thermal and thermal insulation, are widely used in aerospace, special weapons and equipment, petrochemical and other important fields.

The building doors and windows made of FRP profiles are characterized by beautiful and durable, high quality, high sealing, tight sealing, sound insulation and so on. They fully reflect the concept and fashion of modern society in pursuit of environmental protection and green, and are highly praised and loved by users.

Polyester FRP is also a kind of commonly used FRP. Its color is light yellow translucent body. It has certain corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength and strong bonding force, and has certain low-voltage electrical insulation properties. In addition, the polyester glass fiber has no volatiles during the curing process, can be formed at room temperature, and has the characteristics of convenient curing and construction.

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