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What is FRP washing tower?

Oct 09, 2019

The FRP washing tower is mainly composed of tower body, filling layer, VC pipeline, circulating water pump and circulating pool. FRP scrubber is a new material washing tower. Compared with the traditional washing tower, it has the following remarkable characteristics:
1. Compared with the washing tower of traditional materials, the quality of the FRP washing tower is only about 1/7 of that of the traditional washing tower, but its strength is higher than that of the traditional steel, such as epoxy resin FRP with glass fiber inner core.The tensile strength of carbon steel is only 400mpa, while the tensile strength of traditional carbon steel is only 400Mpa. the tensile strength of carbon steel is up to 500mpa.
2. The corrosion resistance of FRP products is higher than that of traditional steel and has a good integrity. The traditional washing tower corrodes quickly under acidic conditions. Even if various anticorrosive measures are adopted, the corrosion of the tower body can not be completely avoided. As a result, the phenomenon of running, emitting, dripping and leakage is caused, and FRP is the synthetic product of glass fiber and resin. Resin and glass fiber itself have high anticorrosion characteristics, and the whole FRP washing tower will not produce leakage phenomenon.
3. The FRP washing tower has better economic benefits. The integral FRP washing tower is simple and convenient to install, and basically does not need maintenance in the course of use. Even if it is used in fluorine-containing flue gas, it is only necessary to use fluorine-resistant FRP. There is no need for other anti-fluorine measures, and has good economic benefits, but the traditional structure of the washing tower is not only difficult to install, maintenance and maintenance is very tedious, but also in the fluorine flue gas washing process, but also need to use graphite brick lining, the cost is expensive. The short use time has brought a greater economic burden to the factory.

FRP washing tower