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What is high molecular weight water saturated polyester resin?

Feb 01, 2019

High molecular weight water saturated polyester resin.

Traditional solvent coating "wet touch wet" is a very common process, solvent coating formula can add a lot of fast dry solvent, design appropriate solvent volatile

Gradient can achieve the "wet touch wet" process.However, water is the main solvent in water-based coatings, which cannot release water rapidly due to its greater latent heat.If the water

Not very good release on the next coating spraying, will occur "bite the bottom" phenomenon.Although high Tg water-based emulsion can achieve "wet touch" to a certain extent,

But the emulsion fullness and luster is larger than the water-soluble resin, less used in industrial coatings.So we have to make up for the water-based paint in the "wet touch.

The gap in the "wet" layer required the development of a water-soluble fast-drying resin.

Solvent - based coatings use solvents to play the role of dissolution and dilution, etc.Water-soluble resins require a certain amount

The acid value of the general resin should be designed in the range of 40~60mgKOH/g, but the acid within this range

Value, with water-based silver paste will occur silver powder blackening and other problems, can not be used.So in the water-based industrial paint will occur such problems, acid value is too low water soluble

Sex is bad.Acid value is too high with silver paint will be black, and silver paint from the point of view of orientation and good arrangement, also requires rapid resin moisture and solvents

The release of paint fast surface dry and then with silver oriented agent can make silver powder has a good permutation.

Ordinary resin has a good adhesion performance to polar material surface, but we often encounter many weak polar materials in daily use need surface coating

Install, due to the weak polarity of the material, the general resin extremely difficult to its effective attachment.Therefore, in order to solve this problem, high molecular weight resin is needed for adhesion.Orders,

Prewater-soluble resins such as water-based acrylic acid, water-based saturated polyester and other common water-based resins have low molecular weight.


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