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What is high temperature resistant resin

Mar 08, 2019

Resins are generally considered to be normal metabolites or secretions of plant tissue, a mixture of various components, usually amorphous solids, with a slightly lustrous surface, hard and brittle, and a few semi-solid. Resin, you know, how much do you know about high temperature resin?

The high temperature resistant resin is a two-component product. The product will start to react after the two doses are mixed. The viscosity will begin to rise and begin to release heat. The more the amount of glue mixed together, the faster the reaction speed and the curing speed. The faster, please pay attention to the amount of glue each time. Due to the speed of the reaction, the speed at which it can be used is shortened, and the amount of glue after mixing is used in a short time; if the proportion of the glue is too large or unevenly stirred, the curing may be incomplete, and the performance of the glue may be decline.

The high temperature resistant resin is non-toxic and non-irritating to human skin. If it is accidentally touched, it can be cleaned with a dry cloth and then washed with water.

The characteristics of high temperature resistant resin are: non-corrosive, anti-aging, acid-base, high and low temperature, good insulation, waterproof and shock resistance. It is suitable for various high temperature industrial repair, filling and bonding. The product has strong mechanical shock resistance and thermal shock resistance, no volatile and low odor, small curing shrinkage and no deformation.