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What is putty resin common problems?

Feb 27, 2019

Putty resin common problems

Putty particles in the wet spray layer, when the coating drying process of dust embedded in the paint film of mechanical paint products, coating surface particles protruding, this is a very easy error.

Common problems

1. Dust flies from sunroof, wheel arch or gap during spraying

2. Polish the dust to stay on the surface

3. Tear out the covering paper and drop the oil fiber

4. Dust particles fall on the surface to be sprayed

The paint is contaminated

There's dust in your clothes

Dust rises when moving or moving around an object

8. Low pressure in the oven

9. Clogged filter

There is dust on the floor of the grill

The walls of the grill are dirty

Smallpox cotton is not suitable

The air pipes are dirty

Protective effect

1. Thoroughly dry all openings around the repair area

2. Carefully blow off the dust with a blow gun after polishing

3. Using high-quality masking paper, fold the torn edges inward and make the smooth surface of the paper outward

4. Carefully wipe the object to be sprayed with a cloth before spraying, and put the dust cloth in a clean plastic bag

5. Filter the paint as it is poured into the spray gun

6. Wear clean, non-fiber and electricity-resistant spray work clothes

Always check the pressure in the oven

8. Do not walk around in the oven under pressure

9. Change the filter regularly

10. Keep the floor of the grill clean. Do not walk around in the grill

11. Regularly replace and clean the grill

12. Adopt suitable smallpox cotton

13. Clean the air pipes when they are dirty

14. Wipe the 2-meter-long air pipe under the spray gun with old cotton cloth. Don't let the pipe fall to the ground when spraying


Spraying, the needle can be used to pick up miscellaneous dust inside the paint film, dry coating of small ash layer can be polished to remove, if the dust in the depth of the coating, should be polished table and re-spray.

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