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What is Putty resin use effect?

Feb 27, 2019

Putty resin use effect

With the rapid development of science and technology today, the pace of people's work and life is getting faster and faster, and the requirements for work efficiency are also getting higher and higher. A car just drove into a garage wants to fix it immediately and drive away.This makes the auto plate gold repair industry into a mistake: the pursuit of too fast construction speed, so that it has many adverse consequences, resulting in some repair vehicles soon after the body embedded coating putty blister, fall off and other phenomena.There are many reasons leading to these phenomena, but nothing more than the following: first, we should pay attention to the bottom of the processing of this link.Whether the repaired parts are cleaned directly affects the adhesion between the putty and the body metal.Should be repaired parts with emery cloth grinding, remove rust stains, old paint and solvent cleaning can not remove the surface dirt, then use letter water degreasing treatment, the surface dust, oil wipe clean.After the letter of the water evaporated dry had better start construction immediately, so as not to repair the surface long time exposure to air pollution.

Second, to avoid putty coating local overheating.Because construction environment temperature is too low or client requirement is very urgent, a lot of construction personnel use ultraviolet lamp to assist the method such as heating, will raise the dry rate of atomic ash, in order to shorten construction period, do so ok cannot, but must notice local overheat phenomenon.Since the insoluble infusions of putty after hardening are poor thermal conductors, the local excessively high temperature will change the expansion coefficient and internal structure of the coating, resulting in bubbling and other adverse consequences.Proved by experiment, general and baking temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃ advisable.

Third, do not pursue faster hardening speed.In order to save time, it is a common problem for all users to require putty hardening speed as soon as possible. People always require putty manufacturers to produce products of rapid curing, or add more curing agent to improve the curing speed.This is not scientific, because the rapid curing of the putty may start the cross-linking reaction when scraping, and the rapid hardening also reduces the corrosion inhibition of the putty on the metal, reducing the adhesion.In addition, adding more curing agent, not only can not improve how much hardening speed, the compound will also have a variety of adverse effects on the film.Therefore, the fast hardening speed is an important factor that may reduce the adhesion of putty.

Fourth, we should choose high-quality products.In the mid-1990s, the huge temptation of market interests, the production of putty manufacturers have been everywhere, the scale of the big and small, the products produced are also good and bad, mixed.Therefore, the choice of high-quality putty is also an important factor to ensure the construction quality, should choose the production of large scale and through the national quality certification manufacturers or imported products such as dupont, u-pol, shibikuai, etc..

There are many factors causing adverse effects after the use of putty, but most of them may be caused by improper operation, and some may be caused by the quality problem of putty itself.So any material has its limitations, can not be arbitrarily, the choice of quality products and the correct use is the key to solve the problem.

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