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What is resin anchor?

Feb 15, 2019

Resin anchor

Resin anchoring agent is made up of unsaturated polyester resin, curing agent, promoter and other auxiliary materials, according to a certain proportion of the preparation of viscous anchorage bonding material, by polyester film packaging was shaped like a pill, with room temperature curing fast, high bonding strength, reliable anchoring force and good durability and other excellent properties.

Resin anchor product features


1. The bearing capacity is fast, and the anchorage performance is similar to that of embedded steel bars.With the characteristics of "double fast and one high", namely fast curing time (adjustable speed), fast strength growth, high strength.After installation, it can not only bear the load in time, but also has great anchoring force.


2. Resin anchoring agent has strong adaptability and wide range of bonding objects.It can be used to anchor various kinds of wood, metal, fiberglass and other rigid objects.


3, with good fatigue strength.Grease anchoring agent can be widely used in structural reinforcement, rock support, equipment foundation fixation, embankment crack repair and high-rise building wall stone dry hanging, metal or curtain wall frame installation and fixation.


4. In addition to the above characteristics, water-resistant resin anchoring agent has the characteristics of fast enhancement and high strength in the presence of water, thus avoiding the influence of water on the curing rate, compressive strength and anchoring force of the resin anchoring agent.


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