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What is resin, composite, cement and artificial stone ?

Mar 01, 2019

Artificial stone resin

The artificial stone resin is an unsaturated polyester resin binder. The printing machine must be used together with inorganic marble sand, quartz sand, calcite, powder and other inorganic fillers, and then participate in catalysts, curing agents, pigments and other additives, mixing and solidifying. Processes such as peeling and drying, surface polishing, etc. The use of unsaturated polyester commercial gloss, rich color, good processability, good decorative effect; the resin is low in viscosity, easy to form, can be cured at room temperature. The molding method has vibration molding, compression molding and kneading. The interior decoration project mainly uses artificial stone resin type.

Composite artificial stone

Artificial stone composite materials, inorganic materials, and organic polymer materials are used. The manufacturing technique is: firstly, cement mortar made of cement, stone, etc., and then immersed in the polymerization condition of the organic monomer. For the board, the underlying functionally stable and inexpensive inorganic material, the surface layer is made of polyester and marble powder. It can be used for inorganic cementing materials such as quick hardening cement, ordinary Portland cement, cement, fly ash cement, slag cement and gypsum. The organic monomer may be styrene, methyl methacrylate, vinyl acetate, acrylonitrile, butadiene or the like. These monomers can be used singly or in combination. The lower surface is prone to the cost of artificial stone products of polyester composites, but is affected by temperature loss or cracking.

Cement artificial stone

Cement artificial stone materials are based on various cements used for cement, sand, gravel natural particle aggregate thickness, manufacturing, mixing, pressure steam curing, artificial stone grinding and polishing. The manufacturing process, mixed with pigments, the color can be made of cement. The production of cement stone is convenient to choose and low in price, but its decoration is poor. This is the case with terrazzo tiles and various inflorescences.

Sintered artificial stone

A similar method for the production of sintered artificial stone and ceramic technology is to mix feldspar, quartz, red phosphorus, calcite and hematite powder together with a certain amount of kaolin, generally 60%, 40% clay, prepared by mixing. The billet is formed with a half press and then fired at about 1000 ° C in a high temperature furnace. Sintered artificial stone decoration, stable function, high temperature roasting, so high energy consumption and high cost.